There is only one YOU

At our last meeting we are studying “Battlefield of the Mind for Teens” by Joyce Meyers. We discussed chapter 2 and this chapter was talking about Divorce and how a child usually blame herself for their parents leaving each other. This is a topic that a parent have to truly sit down and have talks with their children to make them know that they are not the reason. Kids have a funny way of blaming themselves for the things that adults go through.

We also discussed other things that goes on that may cause us to blame yourself. One of my older girls talked about how she likes this guy and he’s nice to her, but he doesn’t like her like that. She then began to think: maybe she needs to lose weight, dress differently, act differently. Just so he would like her. How often do we do that? Try to change the way we are and who we are just so someone else would like us.

There is only one YOU. If someone likes you, you won’t have to worry about them liking someone else. They can never find someone exactly like you. You are different and unique in your own way and no one can be YOU.

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