Ovarian Cancer

This past Saturday I was fortunate to have my friend Monica stop by to talk to my girls about Ovarian Cancer. Monica is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer (6 months cancer free, praise God). She told us that with the help of her family and her faith and trust in God, she was able to survive even through the doctor had given her 3 weeks to live. Monica wants to help bring awareness to the public about Ovarian Cancer because most people including my girls, have no idea what it is.

Ovarian Cancer is the 5th most common cancer among women and it causes more death than any other type of female reproductive cancer. Ovarian cancer is just like a sounds, it is cancer that forms in tissues of the ovaries (which is the female reproductive organs that produce eggs).

Doctors and researches have not found the cause of Ovarian Cancer but they have made some assumptions as to the risks of developing it: Women with a personal history of breast cancer or family history of breast or Ovarian cancer have increase risk for Ovarian cancer. Women who take estrogen replacement only for 5 years or more seem to be as high risk also. Women over the age of 55. Women who cannot have children.

Interesting facts: the more children a woman has in the earlier stage of her life, the lower her risk for Ovarian cancer. Birth control decreases the risk of Ovarian cancer. Fertility drugs do not increase the risk for Ovarian cancer.

We (women) have to start becoming more aware about Ovarian Cancer. It is not usually detected until it has reach a deadly stage. Most woman and their doctors ignore the signs because the symptoms are often vague and can be related to other common condition, so by the time the cancer is diagnosed, the tumor has often spread beyond the ovaries.

Symptoms for Ovarian Cancer includes: swollen or bloating belly area; difficulty eating or getting full quickly; pelvic or lower abdominal pain; frequent urination. Other symptoms includes: abnormal menstrual cycles; constipation; nausea and vomiting; unexplained back pain that worsen over time; weight gain or loss; and excessive hair growth that is course and dark.

There have been approximately 22,280 new cases from Ovarian cancer in America in 2012 and out of those, 15,500 have died.

Knowledge is Power… Educate yourself.



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