I am proud to report that FIND ME is already making an impact on one young lady’s life. My main goal for starting this program was to change and influence a teen in a way that he or she would be motivated enough to know that they are okay just the way they are and to find strength and happiness within themselves. I believe that when a person’s mindset is changed, their whole life is changed. The Bible says “as a man thinks, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). So if we can change the way a person see himself or herself then who knows what impact they can make on their world. Changing a teen’s life, one mind at a time. 

Because of FIND ME, one teen is back in school and enjoying it. She is working out, losing weight and eating much healthier. She has a smiles much more now because she is happy when she looks in the mirror and sees the person steering back at her.

We are currently looking for a permanent home for FIND ME. I a looking for a warehouse that I can make into a workout facility and have a couple offices as well. We are also looking for donations of any workout equipments, clothes, furniture, etc. If you are anyone would like to donate anything please contact me at

God Bless

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