FIND ME is a 501(c)3 non profit CHRISTIAN organization that aims at reaching troubled teens and young adults to FIND themselves by seeking out their talents, goals, and desires and turn it into something they can use to lead a productive and successful life.

It is an organization that is in its’ infant stage beginning January 1 2012 and has a perpetual duration.

FIND ME  aims to provide services such as: Role model speakers; camps; etiquette classes; mentorship programs; counseling; behavioral classes; scholarships; sports training; cultural experiences; and music and art training.

  •  Young people who are a part of FIND ME are required to:
  • Attend school on a regular basis (80% attendance).
  • Get a signature from parent or guardian informing them they are a part of the program.
  • Participate regularly in the program’s classes.
  • Be mentored until he or she finishes high school, gets a scholarship and/or gets a job.
  • Because FIND ME is a mentorship program that aims at giving a child an opportunity to better her life, teenage pregnancy will NOT be tolerated.


This corporation is organized to promote, encourage, and foster any similar service and education activities, to accept, hold, invest and reinvest and administer any gifts, legacies, bequests and funds.

FIND ME, INC. is created for the purpose of impacting and changing young women lives who have been socially abused, abandoned or molested.  This corporation will provide opportunities to change their lives by providing training for a better quality of life.


FIND ME, INC.  is partnered with the YMCA of greater San Antonio, promoting their mission into making San Antonio a healthier city. FIND ME, INC. programs are held at the David Scott YMCA (located at 1213 Iowa street on the east side) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4;30pm-6:30pm.  PLEASE  feel to come by and check out our program at any time.